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 That's Bigger than Yourself 

Volunteer, Invest or Donate! 


By Joining this project, as a donor, volunteer, investor or fellow developer, you will become one of today's innovators. Our projects are developed, managed, and prospected based on their viability and level of significance to both our collaborators and benefectors. There are distinct advantages to being part of our projects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Inclusion into a team of innovators and/or inventors for solutions that will arise only in such under-developed areas. As you know, necessity is mother of most if not all inventions.

  • Special recognition for your donation, volunteerism or investment.

  • Free photos or travel arrangements to all construction locations to see the fruit of your investment in us.

  • Membership into a projects that are bigger than anyone of us.

  • Satisfaction from your altruism or from feeling that any investiment in time, or volunteerism will have changed lives indefinitely.

  • Connection to amazing collaborators who will have been there for you for years to come.

  • Feeling a worthwhile feeling from making a difference in others' lives.

  • Feeling wise from increasing your own bottom-line.


We look forward to having you as another esteemed member of our team, and are sure that you will have been pleased to have joined along.

By the way, read our challenge article titled: "Are the Truly Wealthy Heartless in Doing Nearly Nothing in Disadvantaged Areas?"




Strategic Solutions Management



Homelessness Minimization +

Estimated Cost: $25,000,000.00 USD

Disavantages Minimization +
Estimated Cost: $50,000,000.00 USD
Literacy/Education Gap Fillers
Estimated Start-up Cost: $35,000,000.00

Thanks for checking our project out...


We encourage you to volunteer, donate or invest in one of our projects in order to, in turn, discover a feeling that you have never experienced before.

Our projects are based on sound needs assessments and principles of supply and demand. We only invest our time and resources

in timeless, and fruitful endeavors, of which our stakeholders will be proud for years to come.

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