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A Better Way to Help Our Fellow Human Beings

In Our Most Impoverished Areas!


In Addition to Focusing on Providing People With Opportunities To Meet Their Basic Needs -- such as:


We Believe in Helping Them Tap into a Better Way to

Beat Homelessness, Poverty and Despair!!!


While here is a plethora of charity organizations and welfare-driven government entities out there, most (if not all) have ONLY been able to induce rather insignificant improvements in very small parts of the roots of key poverty-inducing issues either because of poor understanding of such issues or bad faith!


Solving poverty-centric problems require both subject-matter experts and support from anyone else who understands the plight of our fellow disadvantaged or poorer human beings.


At LorinsFAITH, we have used FAITH to discover ways to surgically identify practical, proven, cost-effective and viable approaches to reaching long-term solutions to poverty problems by identifying & accepting

THE KEY REASON WHY THE POOR IS DISENFRANCHISED by the FINANCIAL ELITE, and THE TOP 50% which base their inactions towards the poor on the proverbial question:


(We are assuming that the playing field is leveled and that there are no other issues, such as 

drug-addiction, attitude issues, bad faith etc. that are inducing denials of credit and

seed capital requests. Such problems need to be addressed

separately as healthcare problems by health care experts. 

Until Dr. Lorins of LorinsFAITH surfaced with his Audacious Poverty-minimization approach,

the foremost proponent of creating a "Poverty-Free" World was professor Yunus, who argued that there should be a "micro-credit"-focused PARADIGM SHIFT in how we look at the poor, and it should be based on the following question:

<< ARE WE (e.g., the financially stable) PEOPLE WORTHY? (i.e., are we detrimentally greedy as a society?)>> 

  7 KEY ECONOMIC BLIND SPOTS THAT CAUSE SOCIETY AT LARGE (e.g., friends, relatives, investors, banks, investors, the wealthy and others) TO FAIL IN


WAYS TO COUNTER those blind spots:

  1. If one is poor or has no collateral then one is not credit-worthy; 

  2. Lack of education about "Micro-credit" and how it can turn on the "tiny economic engines" among the rejected population of society - and how once a large number of such tiny engines start working, the stage is set for amazing achievements that were previously unforeseeable;

  3. The FLAWED belief that the solution to POVERTY lies in creating EMPLOYMENT for all, or that the only way of helping the poor is by giving them jobs. Thus, SELF-EMPLOYMENT is often not taken into account or given enough value -- not leaving enough room for people that use self-employment to find ways to develop goods and services that they sell directly to those who need them;

  4. The flawed assumption that "ENTREPRENEURSHIP" is a rare quality -- an assumption that I used to hold as well. Most textbooks written by experts also assert that only a handful of people have the talent to spot business opportunities and the courage to risk their resources in developing those opportunities. While this may appear to be so... it is usually more because of conditioning than lack of talent;

  5. An understanding that the "LABOR MARKET" is not just a monolithic one... it comprises of "men", "women" and "children" and each entity has contextualized aspects in which they thrive more, and that includes areas that were previously gender and race dominated. For instance, it is important to realize that in some societies or cultures "women" are the best entities in which to invest as their profit margins are shared with not just their loved ones, but also with their friends and neighbors, whereas their male counterparts tend to be more self-centered. 

  6. Lack of Focus on "Human Beings and Their Initiative and Enterprise" and not just on "Material Accumulation and Achievement."

  7. The use of MICRO-CREDIT to change the lack of emphasis on the ESSENCE OF DEVELOPMENT, which is to change the QUALITY OF LIFE of the POOR (i.e., bottom 50% of the population).  Micro-credit can turn on the small economic engines among the rejected population of society and once these engines are turned on, their cumulative effect will induce prosperity in the bottom 50% of society (i.e., the poor.) For instance, in many societies or areas of the World, women single-handedly carried on the top reasons why GROWTH occurred. Thus, bypassing women to keep patriarchy in such areas would have been to the detriment of member of such societies.  

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