A Better Way to Help | Disaster-stricken Haitians


There is a plethora of charity organizations out there, but most have failed at helping at the roots of the problems because of either poor understanding of the issues or simply bad faith! Solving Haitian problems require both locally reliable experts and support from anyone who understands the plight of disadvantaged Haitians, especially Haitians in the diaspora! The roots of Haitian problems are tied to a Better Way of Helping via thorough analyses of what is required to solve the problem and surgically identifying practical, cost effective and viable applications to long term solutions.


To that end, LorinsFAITH has teamed up with Ayisyen Otantik Inc ("Authentic Haitians"), a non-profit organization, as a collaborative to Help Haiti and disadvantaged Haitians from a Different Angle. Accordingly, we are assisting the resilient Haitian people who have been hit hard by tragedies after tragedies. The LorinsFAITH-AO Collaborative does not aim to be just another charitable project! Rather, it is an educational-opportunity-creator both for those who are interested in alleviating the Haitian plight, including philanthropists or donors, artists, celebrities, politicians, professionals, blue-collar workers and others from all walks of life, in order to create a lasting movement that will not only apply to ephemeral moments of disaster, but also to everyday means of allowing Haiti to self-develop via amazing people like you, especially Authentic Haitians in the Diaspora! 

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We Should all Help Disadvantaged

Haitians in Haiti and at the Borders

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